Friday, March 16, 2012

Bareknuckle boxing for the street

Daniel debuts his video on how to punch with real power. Having first hand experience on the receiving end of his strikes, I can attest that his techniques work. Even smaller people who use his street methods of punching are no fun to fight with. I equate to being hit by a polar bear.

In this video Daniel shows how to punch via the two knuckle or three knuckle landing. He explains how to punch bare-knuckle using the three knuckle landing and why. He also covers the difference between each type of fist position.

Each strike has it's advantages, that's why I don't tell anyone not to use the two knuckle landing, because it does work. Just keep an open mind and try using the three knuckle landing or as Jack Dempsey called it "The Power Line".

Daniel is a walking encyclopedia on street fighting with the bona fides to back it up. It's a long video, but well worth the time as I guarantee you will learn something new.

And see if it doesn't increase your punching power for boxing or for street-fighting.


  1. nice job Daniel. Not only does a vertical or diagonal fist activate ulnar tendon response; when we use the powerline we are actual creating a structual back-up where the joints of our shoulder and wrist actual line up and strengthen our wrist and the bones and metacarpals of the hand.

    Might want to actually show the people 'Dempsey's' physical demonstration of the powerline using the wall.

    But once more nice job.

    1. I just put up another video demonstrating that on youtube. Thanx for the comment, much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for a great video, Daniel.

  3. An excellent and very well thought out summary.

    You're also the only other coach I've ever seen (besides myself) who cautions people against the use of excessively hard heavy bags. I've been saying that for years and couldn't figure out why no-one else seems to have noticed it.