Muay Thai Knee Videos

Donnie's videos that cover muay thai & lerd rit knee striking techniques, How to apply a clinch in the street, defensive tactics, angles, and mechanics.

Lerd Rit & Muay Chao Cherk Knee Strike
Demonstrating the lerd rit knee strike and how it differs from ring style muay thai and knee strikes you see in MMA fights.

Old Style Muay Thai Defending Against Knees in the Clinch
A simple way to defuse the knee in a clinch situation.

Defending a Muay Thai Knee Strike
Basic methods of defending yourself against knee strikes.

Holding Thai Pads for Knee and Elbow Strikes
Donnie demonstrates proper technique for holding thai pads during muay thai elbow and knee striking drills. Proper pad holding technique not only prevents injury to the pad holder, but it also helps improve the pad holder's timing, range, and defensive capabilities. Betch'ya didn't know that :) These techniques work for muay thai, MMA, muay chaiya, krav maga, and other self defense systems. 

Old Style Muay Thai "One Handed" Clinch
Donnie demonstrates  the ledrit & muay chao cherk take on the muay thai clinch.

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