Bare Knuckle Boxing Videos

Daniel Sambrano's dark, seedy underworld of bare knuckle boxing is exposed. Find great information on the power and technique behind boxing, they way they used to do it, back when men were men.

Defending Against the Jab
Dealing with an opponent who has a longer reach. The takeaway here is get yourself out of the line of fire, get in close so that his/her reach is no longer effective, and move in hitting.

Boxing Guard vs. Bare Knuckle Guard
This video shows the difference between holding the modern boxers guard and the bareknuckle guard. Both have their place in striking but the ring is different than the street. Daniel and Shawn will show you some of those differences, so watch and learn how to do it right. So go grab a training partner and prove it to yourself.

Heavy Bag vs. Bare Knuckle Heavy Bag
In this video Daniel and Shawn go over what type of bag to train on and why. Many strikers are under the delusion that any heavy bag will do when striking bareknuckle, but the fact is you will need a bag made specifically for punching barefisted.

Take a Hit Without Getting Knocked Out
In this video I cover a neck strengthening exercise called "The Jack Dempsey Neck Roll". This exercise was made famous by Heavy Weight Champ Jack Dempsey to strengthen his neck for impact to not get knocked out in the ring. It's been said by many fighters,"It's the punch that you don't see that knocks you out", so this exercise gets the neck strong from an extreme position Isometrically.

Most neck exercises target the neck muscles for grappling or for general health and fitness, but the Dempsey neck roll is geared towards stand up fighters. It trains you to take a punch and not get knocked out due to the unique way the exercise strengthens the neck muscles.

Uppercut Variations for the Boxing Ring or the Street
This video shows how to make and use an uppercut bag for developing power in your strikes. There are two types of uppercut bags that you can use, the first type hangs from an overhead support and moves freely when struck. The second type which is what I'm showing on this video is secured from moving around when you hit it.

How to Punch: 2 and 3 Knuckle Punches
Daniel Sambrano and Craig Sanchez demonstrate the two and three knuckle landing for punching, which is better to use in a fight, is fully explained in this demo. Learn the best angle to hit with your barefist to not injure or break your hand or wrist. Plus learn how to use the two knuckle landing and where to strike with it. Learn what is never taught but should be for proper striking development.

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