Muay Thai Basics Videos

A collection of tips and tricks for those who are new to muay thai. Learn about shin conditioning, how to use hand wraps, advise on holding Thai pads and more.

How-to: Hands Wraps for Muay Thai - Wrapping Technique
There are a number of ways to wrap your hands. This is the method I prefer. The emphasis puts wrist protection over knuckle protection.

Footwork Basics for Muay Thai in the Street
Donnie breaks down the basics to the footwork used for muay thai when applied in real world combat situations. Please note all nak muays: this is not what your muay thai camp is training you, so in their eyes this is wrong. No worries, this footwork helps build speed, and allows for striking while moving, and transitioning for multiple opponent situations.

Namman Muay - Thai Liniment for Shin Conditioning
Here's some basic tips for using muay thai liniment as a part of your shin conditioning regimen. I swear by this stuff, hell, I'm wearing it right now.

Holding Thai Pads for Knee and Elbow Strikes
Donnie demonstrates proper technique for holding thai pads during muay thai elbow and knee striking drills. Proper pad holding technique not only prevents injury to the pad holder, but it also helps improve the pad holder's timing, range, and defensive capabilities. Betch'ya didn't know that :) These techniques work for muay thai, MMA, muay chaiya, krav maga, and other self defense systems.

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  1. This is unreal to watch, thanks so much guys. Awesome, indeed.
    Justine from Queensland, Australia