Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Muay Thai Legend, Ramon Dekkers Dead at 43

One of the greatest modern muay thai fighters died from a heart attack at age 43. According to Dutch news outlet, Bomroep Brabant, Dekkers collapsed earlier Wednesday while cycling in his home town of Breda. First responder attempts to resuscitate Dekkers were unsuccessful.

Here are but a few accomplishments in Ramon Dekkers' 20 year career, and a strong case that he was the best Western muay thai fighter to have ever stepped into the squared circle.

  • Career  record of 186 wins (95 by way of KO), 33 losses, 2 draws
  • Held 7 international muay thai championship titles
  • First foreigner to win "Fighter of the Year" award in Thailand
  • During his prime in Thailand, he would fight under Thai rules, often twice a week