Muay Thai Elbow Videos

Donnie's videos that cover muay thai elbow strikes, counters, angles, and mechanics - all in one place!

Basic Muay Thai Elbow Technique
My first video on the basic mechanics of the old style muay thai elbow strike.

Muay Thai Elbow Technique: Mechanics of the Strike
Donnie goes into more detail around the body mechanics behind a powerful, and fast muay thai elbow strike.

 Old Style Muay Thai Up Elbow Technique
 Generate a more powerful up elbow strike by driving as you throw it.

Holding Thai Pads for Knee and Elbow Strikes
Donnie demonstrates proper technique for holding thai pads during muay thai elbow and knee striking drills. Proper pad holding technique not only prevents injury to the pad holder, but it also helps improve the pad holder's timing, range, and defensive capabilities. Betch'ya didn't know that :) These techniques work for muay thai, MMA, muay chaiya, krav maga, and other self defense systems.

Old Style Muay Thai Elbow Strike Defense Techniques
Donnie B. demonstrates various old style muay thai techniques used to defend against elbow strikes.

Muay Thai Driving Elbow Technique
Although the elbow is a short range weapon, it can also be used from farther out than what is traditionally taught. Applying the momentum from your drive generates a lot of power. This is a great may to use muay thai in the street as an entry or in the ring as a tactic to simultaneously strike and get in close. An underlying lesson learned from this is to acquire the ability to move off your strikes, stay dynamic.

Muay Chao Cherk 45 Degree Block Defensive Technique
The best defense is an offensive defense! Here we go over the theory of the 45 degree block / A frame block. It can be used in the ring, but it's a great application for street self defense.



  1. thak for the lesson you are terrific

  2. Is it really possible to learn muay thai online or am i just kidding myself?

  3. Is it really possible to learn muay thai online or am i just kidding myself?