Old Style Muay Thai Applications

Putting all the pieces together. Different applications of the older styles of muay thai and lerd rit used in the context of modern combat, street fighting defense, and close quarter combat (CQB).

Old Style Muay Thai Attack Techniques
Muay chao cherk entry for elbow strikes, knees, headbutts. A variation of this is also used in lerd rit.

Old Style Muay Thai - Destroying the Weapon
Here's a quick 6-7 strike drill in which you defend against an elbow strike by attacking the weapon and work your way around your opponent, moving as you strike.

Haymaker Punch Defense and Counterstrikes
This is purely a street specific technique.  A haymaker is a commonly thrown punch in the bar / club setting , and a gift from god as it provides so many targets for you to choose from. The multiple opponent stuff is sloppy, but you have to remember that no multiple opponent situation will ever be exactly as you train it to be. 

CQB Counterstrike Drill
Applying militarized muay thai for the purpose of combat, not sport.  Just running through a drill in which you counter off of a straight cross or elbow. These drills help you work on your timing, distance, and optimal flow of techniques.

Old Style Muay Thai Defense Against Armed Gunman
Street fighting is sloppy by nature. I was shooting a quick demo for a class my fiance was taking. This is very rough, but it demonstrates not only the use of muay thai in street and combat situations in regards to mechanics, but it also show how you can practice a technique a thousand times, and all that training may go down the drain if you can't improvise. Yes, I know... I should not be holding a firearm that close to my face.


  1. Hello, my name is Andre, and I am a novice muay thai fighter in the LA area. I really find this blog fascinating, and I would like to highlight how helpful it is. In my area, there is unfortunately no lerdrit instruction, but I would like to learn the techniques of this martial art. Would it be possible to obtain a technique list or a copy of the syllabus fro lerdrit. Any reference material, in fact, would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for all the help!
    I will send you my email once I have recieved a reply.


    muay thai has change over the years i will elaborate on some of the areas of greatest change.

    there was a rule change for the mass application of TAI NA= the plow = cut the grass
    twenty years ago if you got the leg there were limitless moves you could do , and the best employed them allowing for numorous techniques to be utilized and show cased..
    three steps or 2 secconds and a break is called,, destroied a very large volume of excellent techniques from the tai na class .
    i particularly liked the escapes like the jump up to push off and away
    then came the short time limit for clinching .
    continuation moves are being limited by the referees at every fight.

    this is some of the reason why there was a golden era and what we have now.
    the changing of the rules made lots of the style change.