Friday, August 24, 2012

Nepali man returns favor, bites cobra

Friday's lesson: Don't mess with Mohamed Salmo Miya. He has a temper. In fact, on Tuesday he bit a cobra to death in an act of revenge for it biting him. Which reminds me that biting is a very natural reaction, especially among humans in an adrenaline induced state. Children do it, victims of violent attacks do it, Tyson did it.

Don't rule out biting as an option if you're in a self defense situation that requires drastic measures. Studies have recently discovered that pound for pound,  human bite force is actually stronger than both gorillas and chimpanzees.

There are optimal targets for biting that include areas such as biceps and large nerve masses, such as the upper pectorals or the neck. Targets, of course, are only as available as the situation & attacker allow.  You do have to keep in mind that diseases can be transferred from biting, but short term vs. long term consequences of biting are for another post - probably by Daniel Sambrano since he loves this topic.

As for Mohamed Salmo Miya, my advice - just don't piss the guy off.

Here's the original story in the New York Daily News