Saturday, June 12, 2010

Power Solves Problems Fast : Especially in a Streetfight

In a streetfight you have about a three to eight second window of opportunity to finish your opponent and get away before it becomes more dangerous for you.

After the window of opportunity is closed anything can happen and it’s usually not very good.

You can both end up on the ground, more than one adversary can appear, weapons can be drawn against you, and your energy will be severely drained.

So why would you be throwing love taps at your attacker when he is totally
committed to ripping your head from your shoulders and kicking it down the street.

There is no reason why anybody should be sparring with their adversary when in a streetfight.

That’s why I tell people to have intent when they train in the gym or dojo, spar like you’re in a streetfight, and not like you’re in a cardio boxing class.

Hit the heavy bag, and focus mitts like you mean it, don’t just go through the motions, fight!

Don’t stand there in front of the heavy bag or whatever you’re striking and throw punches at it, move!!! Put some reality into your training.

You think your attacker is just going to stand there and take your best shot and not do anything about it until you’re done throwing your ultimate knock out punching combination.


One thing you need to start doing is increase the power of your strikes when you hit.

You need to start putting your weight behind your punches to deliver true power punches.

Don’t get caught up throwing jab after jab thinking that will keep your attacker at bay while you set him up with your cross to knock him out, cause it ain’t gonna happen.

Hard stiff power punches will win you the day and keep you safe in a fight.

You won’t have time to throw those light fluffy set up punches you’re use to throwing in the gym.

You’ve got to come in hard with both fists and moving thru your opponent with your strikes.

You must be unrelenting as you fight your adversary.

With power you can dictate how the fight is going to go. With power your punches can literally knock the fight right out of your adversary.

You will be able to anchor your opponent in place with your power shots long enough to hit him with another punch with your other fist.

Another thing you’ll be able to do with your power punch is keep him off balanced and unable to retaliate as you continue to deliver your strikes.

Also with power you can demoralize a multiple opponent attack by taking out one or two attackers quickly.

After that the rest just might not want to be the next one to go down hard and fast on the pavement.

If you fight someone who has a weapon, he may not be able to deploy it quick enough before you catch him with a power strike.

And if he does deploy it, your strikes may be more than enough to knock it out of his hands or knock him out or both.

So now you have plenty of reasons to fight with power both in the street and in the gym.

Train to unleash your power with either hand and from whatever position or angle you find yourself in and don’t settle for anything less.

Striking powerfully with every punch you throw in a streetfight starts in the gym or dojo, the way you train is the way you will fight so you better have power in abundance.

I hope I have opened your eyes as to why you need to work on developing your power for a serious streetfight.

So train hard with intensity, power and reality, and never forget a streetfight is not a sparring match.

And remember if you find yourself in a serious street confrontation, power can solve that problem quickly.

13 Reasons Why Batman is the Greatest of Super Heroes

1. Batman is human and has the same weaknesses as we do, so he must be vigilant at all times and never let up his guard.
2. Batman has no “Super Powers” so he must rely on his martial skills and physical conditioning.
3. Batman uses technology to help him in his crusade against crime.
4. Batman uses his mind and his instincts to out smart his adversaries.
5. Batman’s true strength lies within himself.
6. The name of the Dark Avenger sends chills down the spines of his adversaries. He is to be feared by those that do evil.
7. He does not give up!
8. He is relentless!
9. He learns from his mistakes and does not repeat them.
10. He knows his strengths and limitations and also his enemy’s.
11. He is confident and sure under pressure.
12. He has fear but is in control of it and does not show it.
13. He is a man who is mortal, and both he and his enemies know this.

Many will read this and say that Superman is the Greatest Super Hero of all times.

I would strongly disagree for you see Superman is invincible his only weakness is kryptonite, he has Super Powers, he can fly, move at the speed of light, has inhuman strength, super hearing and heat vision.

He has no fear of death for he is not of this world, but put him back on his world and things would change very quickly.

He would be average stripped of his powers, nothing special just an “Average Joe”.

His strength would be normal, he wouldn’t be able to fly or move at the speed of light.

His hearing and his vision would be like everyone else on his planet. And most importantly he would be mortal and vulnerable to injury and death.

What Superman takes for granted on earth would be a detriment on his planet.

Batman on the other hand became a Super Hero the hard way he trained himself to be one.

And this is why Batman makes it to the top of the list every time.

So the next time you find yourself in deep trouble, don’t just pray for a Super Hero, become one just like Batman.

Daniel Sambrano