Muay Thai Kick Videos

Donnie's videos that cover muay thai  kicking techniques, defensive tactics, angles, and mechanics.

Old Style Muay Thai Round Kick  - Training the Technique
You've asked for a break down of the old style muay thai round kick, you got it! Donnie shows you step-by-step on how to train the shadow round kick for muay thai at home or at the gym.

Old Style Muay Thai Round Kick Defense Techniques
Various old style muay thai methods to block & counter muay thai round kicks.

 Difference Between Modern Muay Thai & Old Style Muay Thai Round Kick
Demonstrating the key differences between a modern muay thai round kick and an old style muay thai - muay chao churd round kick. 

Lead Leg Muay Thai Round Kick for the Street or the Cage
The stance here is more neutral because when you  throw a front leg muay thai round kick outside the ring / MMA, it needs to be a surprise shot to do any good. Lead leg kicks are used often in MMA as a set up or a distraction, but (IMHO) the risk of a counter shot keeps many fighters from fully committing to throwing their body into the front leg kick, which can damage the other guy enough to win a fight. When thrown properly, it should send your opponent back, so if he does get a cross out, he's moving backwards, and you should be conditioned enough to take a half-ass cross or overhand from someone on his heels.

Modified Muay Thai Round Kick at different ranges
The muay thai round kick can be used at close, medium and long ranges, its just a matter of modification. The weapon doesn't change, just the way you move to use it. Not too applicable in the ring perhaps, but highly effective in the street.

Old Style Muay Thai Low Kick Entry Strikes
This is a lerd rit entry technique that's useful in street combat situations. Great for causing pain and putting your attacker off balance, & to set up for multiple high/low strikes. Also useful in multiple opponent situations.

Powerful Muay Thai Driving Kick
How to throw a powerful driving kick & a driving down kick.

The Original Old Style Muay Thai Round Kick
Donnie's first muay thai video.

More Old Style Muay Thai Defense Techniques Against a Round Kick


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