Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maize Bag Punching Drill

Here's a how-to drill using the Maize Bag that trains your timing, footwork, distance, and punching skills. Working with a partner, strike the bag and hit it towards your partner as he in turn does the same to you. Below  are a few pointers:

- You can move in any direction as you hit the bag, also you can hit the bag with any strike you choose.

- Just keep moving and striking the bag with one or both fists.

- You can do this drill for 1-3 minute rounds or for short bursts of 10-30 second rounds.

- The nice thing about this drill is that you can go as hard as you want without hurting each other and get a good workout in the process.

Another variation you can do is to have only one partner hit the bag while the other punch blocks or click blocks the strikes. And don't forget to hit the bag with proper fist placement or you'll pay the price instantly for not doing it right.

(Donnie's note) This drill works with elbow strikes as well, just keep in mind that you may find yourself chasing the bag around more than you will with punches. It's a great drill whether you box, train muay thai, or if you're into MMA.

So get yourself a Maize Bag and a willing partner and have at it, I promise you'll have an awesome time!

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  1. yeah bruh! I'll put your link in my next blog, since it will have some of the maize work done yesterday anyway