Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday gift ideas for the muay thai enthusiast

Two years ago I set out to find some training gear as Christmas gifts for some of the other instructors at my school and I was hit by the harsh reality that finding good muay thai gear locally, at a fair price, is nearly impossible. If I, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, a martial arts hot bed, can't get good quality gear in town, how does the guy in Kansas, or in Erie, PA get a hold of decent thai pads for less than $180? Seriously, if you're paying more than $150 for a pair of Twins or Windy full sized thai pads, you're paying too much.

I've done the research to find some of the best online deals for good quality muay thai training equipment at the best prices. Pass this post on to friends & family to help them get you want you want this year. Happy shopping!

Thai liniment: MuayThaiEquipment, an eBay store has the lowest prices thai liniment out there, starting at $3.50 for a 120ml bottle.

Focus Mitts: Some of the best quality boxing equipment comes from the folks at Everlast. Right now they're having a sale on professional focus mitts for $29.99.

Thai Pads: Another eBay store, BlackEye Athletics offers Twins leather thai pads for $106.99 a pair (XL).

Shin Guards: BlackEye Athletics also carries Twins shin guards, all priced around $55. MuayThai-Fighting.com carries ThaiSmai leather shin guards for $44.94, but shipping takes about 6 weeks.

I also shop at MuayThaiStuff.com, they have great close out sales. They recently launched a 50% everything sale, but be warned, it appears that the retail prices have been artificially inflated. You're not getting 50% off of anything. I suggest that you wait it out before shopping at that site. Let them figure that shoppers aren't stupid.

If you have any great equipment vendors, let us know! Happy holidays!


  1. Hi, I've been reading your site for quite some time and it's been very helpful in supplementing my muay thai training. Anyways, I usually get my gear from this site, cheapest that I know of and good quality. Only drawback is that stocks tend to run out. Hope it helps.


  2. Love, love, love your ideas and links!! Most of these little gifts can be modified

    for the holidays too with the substitution of red and green for the ribbons and other


    Thanks for sharing!

  3. http://www.maonlinesg.org/store/ has now been moved to www.zealfightgear.com

  4. I appreciate the labour you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

  5. Man...$150-$180 is way too high! Got mine at BlackEye Athletics for about $125. http://www.blackeyeathletics.com