Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another MMA Fighter Shot and Killed This Year

Hey guys just wanted to give you all the heads up, sadly another MMA fighter was killed this year.

His name was Justin Eilers, he was shot and died shortly after on Friday morning, the day after Christmas.

In an apparent domestic disturbance at an acquaintance's home in Canyon County, Idaho.

The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the chest, the bullet punctured his lung before exiting his body.

Justin Eilers was 30 years old.

The shooter James Robert Malec, 48, was arrested and charged with second degree murder in relation to the shooting.

Justin was a heavyweight fighter who fought for the UFC Heavyweight Championship against Andrea Arloski at UFC 53 in June 2005.

He also fought for Elite XC in 2008 for a title shot against Antonio Silva.

What I wanted to point out was his killer wasn't a big heavyweight MMA Fighter or a tough thug, but a 48 year old man who wasn't a fighter but someone who became deadly due to the use of a firearm.

This tragic death could have been avoided but unfortunately wasn't, what started out as an argument ended deadly.

For all you MMA Fighters or Martial Artists out there you need to be careful what you do outside the gym, that secret stand up combo or new jiu jitsu move won't work against a committed individual willing to kill you with a weapon.

When real violence enters your life you may not be able to make it tap out or be able to knock it out!

What you really need to know doesn't involve strength or sweat, a punch or a kick.

What you need to learn is awareness and deescalation skills and tactics to deal with this type of situation, no amount of kicks or punches will help when the bullets start flying.

Also if you're not training in how to deal with weapons of any kind then you're training is incomplete and needs to be reevaluated.

So take off the gloves and get up off the ground and start learning how to protect yourself from this type of violence, at the very least you'll have some options that may save your life and those of your love ones.

Take care and be safe.

Daniel Sambrano
"Keep It Simple and Savage"

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  1. Daniel,
    This is an excellent post. I really love what you say here about de-escalating a situation. I am not from a big town but I grew up in what is considered the "hood" here. Bad attitudes and a willingness to fight were not uncommon. Before I ever took up marital arts I was reasonablly able to handle myself. Because of this I have been in my share of street fights. The thing is, there were plenty of times where I could have de-escalted the situation and I didn't. Honestly, a lot of times I was the first person to throw a punch and I suffered the consquences because of it. Now I see how silly it was. It most situations there was way to prevent the fight but neither person was willing to do it. Dont get me wrong, it doesnt always work. One time I walked away from a guy who wanted to fight and he followed. He followed me to my car and wouldnt ease up so I kicked his a**. But thats not always the case. Many times it can be avoided and that is what I try to do now. For one thing I have improved my attitude (thats a big one) and I try to not let situations escalte. I try to communicate properly with people and use reasoning instead of brute force and attitude. I could go on about this because it has been a life changer for me but I dont want to ramble more than I have. Again, very good post.