Friday, November 07, 2008

Old Style Muay Thai Clinch, Whoohoo!

The standard muay thai clinch simply isn't effective in a street/combat scenario. Once you grab onto your attacker his natural instinct will be to grab you - now you're wrestling with one (or more) opponents.

The ring style muay thai clinch serves two main purposes: 1. It gets you inside your opponent's strikes, providing an opportunity to score points (take down, or knees), and 2. it gives the winded fighter a short break. But in a street combat situation points don't count and your attackers certainly aren't going to tie up with you to catch a breather.

It's super important that you keep a hand free, and (more importantly) that you don't lose your ability to maintain visibility of your environment. The old style (ledrit, muay chao churt, muay baron) clinch allows you to control your opponent, use him as a shield from other attackers, and enables excellent visibility.

It's difficult to change old habits, and if you've been training to clinch up as soon as you get inside a one handed clinch is going to feel foreign (and maybe a little unrealistic). But if you give this technique a shot, I'm willing to bet, you'll soon realize that it opens up your striking & controlling options. Now you can throw elbows at different angles, knees, and even round kicks to your opponent's front and back. Try it out with a partner, you'll like it!

Watch video below. I provide technique and I touch on just a few of the options that open up. You won't learn this stuff at Fairtex.

Watch out for the man sandwich!


  1. Good video. I myself always prefer the one hand grab instead of the double hand grab. Check out the following article based on this concept - ONE HANDED HEAD GRAB

  2. Dont mean to sound like an asshole but the two hand clinch can be effective if you do it right if you grab the plum like your supposed to when you first showed it in the video you showed it wrong. Believe me I think you show some pretty good stuff other wise i would not be watchin the video, however, if you are going to disclaim that a technique isnt effective then at least show it right. On the other hand the one hand clinch can be effective too as you showed and also to do a little "dirty boxing" Like i said dont mean to sound like an asshole but I know the two hand clinch does work in a street situation. Im a police officer of 3.5 years and a student of the martial arts for 22 years. I also fight in the cage. Look me up on Sherdog Dano Moore. It works just depends on the situation.

  3. Anonymous, do you have a learning disability? He gave us an option IN A STREET FIGHT SITUATION. He explicitly said it, you idiot.

  4. Looks like you have a shitty record, so I won't be taking advice from you Dano Moore.

  5. The double handed clinch can get you in trouble in a multiple opponent situation. Additionally, the single handed clinch works particularly well if you're carrying a baton, it keeps your weapon hand free.

  6. Tell em' Donnie! These cops wouldn't resort to shooting everything in sight if they had some proper martial arts skills.

  7. Good vid Donnie Keep up the good work

  8. The more I look at what other MT schools teach, the more I realize I really was taught an old villager's style of MT. Ajarn san did teach the "classic" 2 handed clinch but mainly taught a brutal one handed clinch system.

  9. Hi donnie. Just a question: which are the main head butt thecnics in muay thai?

  10. most distinguished art of muay thai book ?

    not a single word about clinch ! therefore faulted to the extream.

  11. cant we all just learn to pummel and hand fight .

    what is done in greco roman wrestling is so transferable to the thai clinch.

    if that is not painfully obvious then chances are you will never ever learn deep clinch.

  12. them silly LEG GRABBERS .

    You know them dirt wallowing leg grabbers , always talking take down and not know what a throw is .

    leg grabbing floor falling fighters vs clinch throws and muay thai clinch skills.
    We have too many uneducated leg grabbers with big mouths talking nonsense about any clinch .
    Lets not forget them pajama judo sleeve and lapel grabbers trying to talk thai clinch as well.

    its a freedom to talk junk and trash .

  13. some fool calles MUAY THAI the SCIENCE OF 8 LIMBS !

    that sounds so mysterious the shaolin monks are all over it teaching only the most worthy them super secrect techniques.

    what about all the CLINCHING going on during the fights ?

    if a school don`t have full on clinch training daily the are fake !

  14. we got so many many thailand national living in the u.s.a. and the fight fans think every thai is an expert instructor !!!

    the dish washer and delivery guy at the local thai restaruant are going to give a muay thai seminar, this week end .
    how do like that.
    they told me the monks tought them muay thai.
    now them monks know everything about muay thai ..

    the dish washer wants to get into movies. just like all those martial arts people do . make one movie and your gold in the gym or any where.
    the u.s.a. is the land of oppertunity .

  15. hell muay thai fight fans.
    let me propose a question.

    if a school used the words KICK BOXING in its name dont the
    truly mean they are not real authentic muay thai.

    has not the time come to seperated full on muay thai from the fakers and frauds ?

    the name says it all its a deffinition of the business modle they will adhear to.

    also be extra carefull of all those schools sound mystical with the title science of 8 limbs since most have no clinch to teach at all.
    additionally how could they have there students learning a ram muay and not learn all the depths of clinching and clinch throws ?

    the mma gyms are the new frauds on the block,
    keep a close eye on a gym before joining .
    dont beleave a thing on that yelp junk page, its all lies.

  16. richard jameserson jr .

    gym hopper and most learned for the efforts.
    i have become a fully stacked muay thai afficiando knowing all the ins and outs of authentic full rules muay thai .
    aint no kick boxering nor any dutch boi cheap fact similarly wanted in my sight or vacinity !
    keep all them ig glorious kick boxerers away from real muay thai.
    now all them mma schools are lying about muay thai .
    have one fight and your good to go .

  17. they aint gona learn any kind of clinch never ever.

    most people are far too lazy to get close and personel as in clinch fiting.
    clinch information has been around for years and years with excellent instructional videos and all .
    yet there is no visiable -demonstratiable progress to be seen at all.
    ultimately if a school dont do clincing very single work out there fake as can be. simple !

    watch out for the places telling you they teach tha art of 8 limbs. where`s all the clinch ??