Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fighting with Flower Power

You know, most martial arts train its practitioners to be reactive. Drills usually consist of one student throwing a technique on another student, whether it be a punch, kick, grab, et al. The receiving student is taught to react with a block, perry, counterstrike, what have you.

What isn't taught is the fact that there may be a time when you'll need to be the one who starts and finishes an altercation. The streets aren't bound to the rules, boundaries, or respect that you'll find in a dojo.

The flower technique is a great fight starter. Based in muay baron and muay chao churd, the technique is a great way to break through an opponent's guard and gain access to his center line.

Watch the video for the nitty gritty.


  1. That's awesome, reminds me a lot of kung fu stuff! Does it work with gloves on too?

  2. It works just as well with gloves. The only difference is that gloves impair your vision a bit on your cover when you counter with an elbow. If you fight muay thai in the ring (Thai rules) I suggest that you train with and without gloves. You never know when you may need to use it in the street.

    On a side note: I can say with confidence that nobody grills a steak better than an Argentinian. Nobody. DrOdro understands.