Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thai Pad Drills Train Offensive and Defensive Skills

Training with thai pads isn't just for the person striking, it benefits the pad holder as well. It works your timing, range, footwork, and defensive bio mechanics. This concept is universal whether you're training muay thai, MMA or even boxing. The videos below will do all the talking for me.

Free drills allow the striker to throw any technique he/she chooses. This trains the thai pad holder's reaction skills. More importantly, it'll help improve your ability to read body language, to learn to trust your own abilities and face the reality that in a fight, you won't be able to expect your opponent to throw a prescribed set of combos at you. Strikes are gonna come from different angles at different times. Oh, and you're going to get hit in the process of learning,  but that's why you signed up for muay thai, right?


  1. Oh, in the second video, you're letting him go free on you and catching whatever he throws .. that's some top level pad holding right there .. thanks for the videos..

  2. The free drills really help you with your own defensive skills, thaiboxing. I say you give it a shot with someone you trust, and start off at 59% power until you grow the confidence and comfort with it.

  3. Donnie, great fan of the videos. Along with this good instruction on pad holding and other basics, I'd love to see more of your work on the clinch, what can be done in it, and some good clinch drills. We've got the one video in which you comment on the difference between the one-hand and the two-handed clinch -- but again, more on the clinch would be great if you get the opportunity. Thanks as always.