Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 20 Street Fighting Mistakes

Here is a video from the guys of FightTips.com which show mistakes people make when fighting in the street.

My favorite is no.#10 - Keeping your shoes tied tight. I loved this one, it's very funny but so true.

The only tip I would disagree with is no.#12 - Don't hockey fight: Don't grab with one arm.

When adrenalized you will tend to grab or punch to one side more than the other, this is due to gross motor movement patterns.

Plus you will get more power from striking this way since you will be crossing center line and getting more of your bodyweight into the strike.

But that's just my opinion, Shane and Terrell have made a very good video on what can happen when simple mistakes are made.

So watch and learn and above all don't make these silly mistakes when fighting.

Take care.

Daniel Sambrano


  1. Nice post and I agree with you on number 12 Daniel, I also thought Number 18 was questionable. I personally add hesitation and stutter stepping to my routine (though not as poorly as was demonstrated) it seems to be good for baiting and setting up big counters.
    But i must say the rest was well put in such a short clip.

    Bradley Vincent

  2. Very nicely done video, great editing job by the kids. As for the content also valid, except they seem to be a little unfamiliar with the actual psycho-physiological manifestation that take place under adrenalized real world conditions.

    Meaning, heart rate and ocular irregularities that lead to repetitive gross motor movement and asymetrical attack (feed back loop).

    But all in all- Bravo, very nicely done/

  3. I read advice from an experienced martial artist that recommended grabbing the shirt with one hand pushing back and socking away with the other hand, so I'm glad you also disagree with #12. I think the hockey fight technique is good because you stop him from using the arm on the side you are holding onto and as you punch on the other side with all your power, he has to decide whether to defend or hit back and if you're hitting his eye he will want to protect it.

  4. My tip: Don't wear glasses!

    Pretty good stuff. I'd say the hockey punching is ok against an untrained fighter. It's a blitz technique and most fights will be finished quickly. Against someone who knows what they are doing they'll just break your arm, take you down or take your back.

    Laughed at the person walking casually across the lobby while they are filming!