Friday, June 19, 2009

3 on 1 Cage Fighting at MTAI

Cage Training

Hey everybody here is a multiple opponent fighting drill we use at Muay Thai Academy International.

The object of the drill is to protect yourself as your training partners hit you with Thai pads, you can also use focus mits or gloves.

Go for 1, 2, or 3 minute rounds. You don't need a cage to do the drill, just use a training mat or mark the floor with tape in a ten foot diameter circle and stay within the circle.

This drill develops your defense, footwork, tactics and conditioning all at once, not to mention getting use to dealing with multiples and getting comfortable with impact to your body.

So try the drill and let us know what you think, I know you'll get alot out of it.

Take care and train hard.

Daniel Sambrano

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  1. Hello Daniel,

    Tom Willbanks here - I enjoyed this video very much. I studied at MTAI in the early '90s, and still train. I visited MTAI a few years ago when it was on Zanker Rd. (I live in Kansas City now), and saw the cage for the first time. Nice to see it being used well! Next time I'm back in the Bay Area I've got to pay a visit. Happy training! -T.